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Banana Hash

Banana Hash is an indica dominant hybrid that turned into evolved by crossing Crockett’s Banana Kush with the Bubblegum phenotype. This pressure inherited a deliciously sweet, fruity flavor that’s akin to clean bananas with tropical notes. Banana Hash starts with moderate cerebral stimulation, which heightens creativity and sensory attention, without clouding the user’s thoughts. because the consequences of this pressure settle in, a strong euphoria builds – interesting electricity ranges whilst relaxing the body. those mind-altering effects are coupled with total frame pain remedy – that crushes ache and infection almost right away. amateur users take warning, as it is able to induce sedation and sofa lock at better doses. Banana Hash has been used to treat various situations along with persistent pain and inflammation, chronic stress, tension, depression, and appetite loss.

Banana Kush is an Indica dominant pressure that smells and tastes just like the call suggests – an easy mixture of bananas and correct Kush.

presenting a mighty Indica frame excessive, which starts offevolved with laziness leading to complete sedation, this stress is nearly usually prescribed and advocated for night time use. Many will discover it difficult to live wide awake after 2-3 hits taken an hour or two before mattress.

This blonde dry sifts hash was locally produced and pressed in lovely British Columbia. Dry sift hash is respect for its artisanal method and respected for its terpene profile and efficiency.

Banana Hash, once in a while referred to as Strawnana for short, is an indica marijuana strain developed through DNA Genetics in collaboration with important Seeds. A genetic circulate of Crockett’s Banana Kush and phenotype of Bubble Gum, this hash inherited a sweet, fruity taste, therefore the decision. Appeared for its heavy resin production and immoderate-THC content material fabric, this Hash produces satisfied, nonviolent effects that sharpen creativity and sensory attention.

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