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Gucci Kush

Gucci kush is an indica-leaning hybrid whose name is proof of the growing effects of conspicuous intake on the burgeoning prison hashish industry. Unlike its extraordinary Italian style namesake, though, Gucci OG can be enjoyed through all. This nicely-balanced hybrid is the first-rate phenotype of staple pressure OG Kush and consists of all of its mother plant’s potency and pungency. With THC ranges which have been measured at among 14% and a whopping 30%, Gucci OG is an attractive desire for cannabis novices and veterans alike.

Gucci kush’s vegetation at once set this strain aside. The buds tend to be large and dense, clinging together in a stable, indica-ordinary structure. Buds also have exclusive shapes, starting from slightly tapered and cone-like to nearly entirely cylindrical. Meanwhile, the leaves are about as colorful as cannabis gets inside the absence of blue and crimson hues; they’re a patchwork of mossy inexperienced leaves and vivid orange pistils. Glittering, translucent white trichomes stand out in the direction of the leaves, making Gucci OG quite sticky and positive to leave behind resinous dust while handled.

While nicely cured, Gucci OG has all of the kushy pungency of its determined plant. Sour citrus is the number one smell here, hanging the again of the palate and making eyes tear up even before the bud is burnt. These shiny top notes are grounded out via the earthy musk of wet soil and pine. these earthy aromas emerge even extra while Gucci OG is ground up or damaged open — some even evaluate the gamey, musky heady scent to that of leather-based. Notwithstanding its dank flavors, even though, Gucci OG burns with a smooth and mild-tasting smoke. Its sharp taste and smell can linger for a while afterward; the ones trying to keep their consumption discreet might also want to take a few precautions.

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